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GT 1030 - Average 2 days ago.
Graphics Cards

— If you can find a GDDR5 edition it will work fine for basic tasks, and will even handle games like Roblox and Minecraft. Not useful for hardware transcoding, get a 1050 instead.

GTX 980-Ti - Good 1 month ago.
Graphics Cards

— Still a great performer if a little long in the tooth, there's better cards on the second hand market these days for cheaper prices so only buy if you get a really good deal. I lost the silicon lottery with mine as it simply refuses to behave with even modest overclocking.

RX 550 - Average 1 month ago.
Graphics Cards

— OC editions can clock up to 1400Mhz and higher with no side effects making this a far better budget contender than the specs suggest. If you want a cheap GPU to play Minecraft or other modest games on this will do the job just fine, and in 2024 you can pick these up for $25 or less on eBay. Modern games will require more VRAM of course, but older games or emulation are going to work out just fine. Ended up giving it to one of my children who has been using it for digital art and animation, and also streaming, the card hasn't skipped a beat. Even bought a second one for a living room PC and it's happily doing 4K streaming with no skipping.

RTX 3050 - Good 1 month ago.
Graphics Cards

— I was pleasantly shocked how well the so called entry level 3050 performed, it goes head to head with the 1660-Ti I was comparing it to. If you want ray tracing and 4K performance, look elsewhere, but for a decent and mid range card on a budget, it works out great.

Quadro P620 - Good 4 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— The Quadro P620 is the "professional" version of the 1050, it's essentially the same card with some of the cores turned off. It's not designed for gaming, but offers surprisingly good performance all the same, so long as you don't except too much from it. For E-Sports titles with low graphics settings it is fine. It also works excellent for emulation stations.

GTX 1660-Ti - Good 17 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— Replaced a failing 980-Ti with this expecting similar results, was pleasantly surprised how much of an improvement it was. Runs much cooler, and FPS is about 20% higher on everything I tested with it. Was able to modestly overclock it to get into the 99th percentile also. Can do ray tracing, but you wouldn't want to :)

Fury DDR4 2133 C14 2x8GB - Average 3 years ago.
Memory Kits

— Slow for DDR4 RAM, will overclock to 2700Mhz in my case but no further.

Celeron 847 - Average 3 years ago.

— It's not designed for gaming, it's designed for basic workstation tasks. For that, it's adequate.

Core i7-7700K - Excellent 3 years ago.

— Still a great CPU, but I wish it ran a little cooler!

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