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RTX 4090 - Good (edit) Add link 2 hrs ago.
Graphics Cards

— Super efficient works amazing i can say very smooth and high fps boost in high end fps games

— Great Price for 16gb of VRAM. Where else will you find 16gb of VRAM for under 300$. While it can get beat out at 1080p gaming by other cheaper cards, its 1440p gaming experience is one of the best for its price. Although it is relatively new and working out its kinks, Intel has promised to improve their software to fix the issues and we already seen proof of big progress.

RX 6700-XT - Excellent (edit) Add link 9 hrs ago.
Graphics Cards


AMD are great at selling junk. They pee in the well with fake comments, glorified cheerleaders on youtube and paid magazine reviews. My POS PC still crashes randomly. Everybody needs to call the rats out instead of letting them get away with it.—Apr '21


lol - advanced marketing devices.—May '22

IronWolf 12TB (2017) - Excellent (edit) Add link 10 hrs ago.
Hard Drives

RX 7800-XT - Excellent (edit) Add link 13 hrs ago.
Graphics Cards


Another knock off GPU from Advanced Marketing Devices—Sep '23

RTX 3090-Ti - Excellent (edit) Add link 13 hrs ago.
Graphics Cards

— Amazing card, barely hits over 69C

Core i7-14700K - Disliked (edit) Add link 15 hrs ago.

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