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GTX 1070 - Excellent 2 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— Better than the 3050 at almost half the cost.

STORE N GO 16GB - Good 2 years ago.
USB Flash Drives

— Its okay for copying files, and save them to move to a different computer. It cant handle much given the fact it is about 16 gb is avaiable but other than that it is a good for its price i got mine for about 8ish dollars.

Core i5-2300 - Good 2 years ago.

— Very good for gaming. The intagrated graphics are okay I guess they run youtube video at 4k at about 30 fps or so. Really good budget chip.

Core i5-12600K - Excellent 2 years ago.

— its pretty good for gaming and what not.

Core i3-12100F - Excellent 2 years ago.

— Its a great budget CPU for a desktop. The only thing I wish it had is more CPU cores and threads.

Celeron N4020 - Good 2 years ago.

— Good for Light Tasks. I use this cpu on a school chromebook from lenovo. It works well for daily tasks and some light games like krunker running at 60 fps. Very good for the price you will pay for it!

UHD Graphics 600 - Average 2 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— Eh its okay. I can run 4k videos from youtube but it is super slow.

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