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Last seen 24 days ago.
Core i3-3217U - Good 24 days ago.

— This is a decent laptop CPU paired with and SSD is day and night difference

GeForce GT 710 - Excellent 24 days ago.
Graphics Cards

— This GPU is slower than newer iGPUs, not recommended for gaming but it helps in 3D, graphic design and video editing for a basic PC

Core i7-7700HQ - Excellent 2 years ago.

— Fast, responsive processor.

Core i7-1165G7 - Excellent 2 years ago.

— Blazing fast, high performance and low power comsuption, even in heavy workload it can run it with no issue.

Celeron N4020 - Good 2 years ago.

— Designed specially for low power laptops it's fast and responsive processor.

Pentium G2030 - Good 2 years ago.

— Overall is a good processor for basic computing and editing, however it needs a dedicated GPU to fully utilize it's potential, I'd recommend it if you're on a budget

Core i7-6700 - Good 2 years ago.

— It's powerful and responsive CPU, combined with a dedicated graphics card shows the true potential.

Core i3-4005U - Good 2 years ago.

— It's powerful enough to handle basic and advanced design tasks, 3D and much more, however gaming is limited due to clock speeds and TDP, I reccomend it on it's own as usual laptop user.

Core i3-6100 - Excellent 2 years ago.

— Powerful CPU, it can handle the heavy tasks and gaming too, reccomended.

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