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Core i5-10300H - Excellent 3 years ago.

— If you're after a white-knuckle ride through budget-conscious gaming laptops you will want one equipped with the marvelous little i5-10300H. We're talking bare essentials by modern day standards, however not too long ago this would have rivalled even the most potent of desktop PC's, with four cores, 8 threads and peak speeds of 4.50GHz. Not bad at all, especially considering the 45W TDP. You'll find these in entry-level laptops, however some models equip them with far more than entry-level graphics solutions. Take the Acer Nitro 5, for example, specifically the AN515-55-58WJ variant. It packages the little 10300H with a RTX2060 GPU - wow! Now that's a combo made for gaming alright; four blazing cores and 6GB of VRAM, what more would you want? Again, a great budget conscious laptop CPU for the dedicated gamer and highly recommended by this user.

Core i7-10700 - Average 3 years ago.

— Great processor that is outshone by the 10900 and undercut in price by the cheaper 10600. An excellent product, but is it worth the price?

RTX 2060 (Mobile) - Excellent 3 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— The mobile 2060, while somewhat different to its desktop counterpart, still performs very well in modern titles. With 6GB of VRAM and an 80W power target it has plenty of power for a compact gaming laptop, the main issue here will be getting rid of that heat. For 1080p gaming you can't go wrong here, crank the details up and enjoy the show. Modern driver support for technologies like DLSS2 and RTX only sweeten the deal. Short version? This is a great mobile GPU which combines a nice sweet spot of performance, price and practicality. Highly recommended!

Atom N450 - Poor 4 years ago.

— Horribly limited by any modern standard, if you encounter one of these hyperthreaded single core systems you will likely feel pain deep in the depths of your soul. Low clocks, slow memory bus and a single hyperthreaded core leave these machines struggling with even the most lightweight of tasks. Yes, they will run Youtube in a Chrome browser on Windows 7... but yu'll be limited to 360p or so given the horrendoues bandwidth. Don't expect much here other than slow, sluggish processing in any modern task. If you must get an old Atom series CPU then try for the N570 - they at least had two cores and four threads so perform much better.

Atom N570 - Good 4 years ago.

— Small, low power chip with four threads designed for everyday computing like word processing and web browsing. Limited in design by its slow front side bus speed of 667MHz single-channel RAM with a max capacity of 2GB, it will work best with lightweight systems like Ubuntu / Linux and Windows 7. Despite its age and low power design those two hyperthreaded cores are more than capable of seamless tasking, just don't try too much at once. Youtube in 480p is just fine, and given the tiny 10" screen most of these CPU's are bundled in you won't need much more than that anyway. Gaming? Not much is going to happen here, given the integrated GMA 3150 chip. Updates for these things stopped long ago so unless you want to get funky with some hacked drivers you won't get much action there. Still, older titles from the late 90's should be playable with low resolutions and settings. Think Halflife, Max Payne, Age of Empires, Starcraft and Diablo 2 and you'll have realistic expectations. Overall, a good (if limited) budget CPU for basic everyday use.

HyperX DDR4 2666 C15 1x8GB - Excellent 4 years ago.
Memory Kits

— Kingston shines again with this stick of 2666MHz gold. Easily overclocked to 2993MHz at 1.4v it will give great performance in most systems. A single stick is adequate for a modern quad core paired with an entry level card, leaving room for expansion later. Highly recommended.

X1 SSD 240GB - Excellent 4 years ago.
Solid State Drives

— This has been my boot drive for a long while now and I have no issues with it at all. Solid 500 megabyte per second read and writes, 35MBs+ 4k read/writes and good sustained transfers as well. Perfect drive if you can get them for a decent price.

GTX 960 - Excellent 4 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— These things are a dime a dozen at the moment, and actually run decent games. You'll get a solid 60fps in COD Warzone for example, with low textures and 720p. Most titles from 2015 to 2019 will run nicely at 60fps or greater. You really can't complain about the performance / price ratio here so long as its under 60USD or 100AUD.

Celeron N2940 - Excellent 4 years ago.

— Commonly found in such exotica as old Asus Chromebooks, these little quad-cores are far more capable than most people give them credit for. If your jam in life is running Ubuntu on said old Chromebook with minimum power usage (7.5W) and long battery life then this is a perfect little chip, and coupled with the integrated HD4000 graphics and typical 4GB DDR3 RAM you're actually looking at a nice little retro gamer. Titles such as the original Halo, Max Payne 1 & 2 and even the earlier Mafia titles are all easily playable. The main thing holding this little chip back are the 2.25GHz clock speed and a whole 2MB of L2 cache, meaning intensive tasks such as video editing will be horribly slow. Other than that though, for a nice simple daily driver or retro gamer these are perfect!

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