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FX-4300 - Terrible 6 years ago.

— Waste of time, better products from both AMD and Intel for the same money. Only use if someone gives you it for free and you are desperate, can be useful to a degree if massively overclocked. Overclocking competitions is all it is good for and you won't shed any tears if it gets burnt. If it was a motorbike you would throw a match in the tank and put it out of its misery.

Athlon II X4 860K - Good 6 years ago.

— Good basic quad core for office or light gaming and entertainment build. Overshadowed now by the hyperthreaded Intel G4560 dual core.

FX-6300 - Excellent 6 years ago.

— From £65 new to drop in a cheap AM3+ board you can't go wrong on a budget. This does everything well for the price. If you get a quality 990FX mobo and add a decent cooler this thing will overclock like you wouldn't believe making a useful CPU still in 2017.

Core i5-7600K - Excellent 6 years ago.

— Brings "power to the people" at an affordable price while not dropping much in the way of performance to the 7700K.

Core i7-7700K - Excellent 6 years ago.

— It's the daddy of gaming CPU's, the Honda FireBlade or Focus RS bringing power to the people at a premium but acceptable price for those that require a top end experience. This is the CPU all others a measured against, the benchmark...

Ryzen 7 1700X - Terrible 6 years ago.

— Poor quality silicone that doesn't overclock well, even crashes using XFR with a decent cooler. Cheaper R5 1600 beats it in some areas where this should excel (at least when I benched it). Gaming performance worst than 1600 due to lower OC capability. Elderly i5 4670K is superior for gaming.

Ryzen 5 1600 - Average 6 years ago.

— The most average & boring CPU money can buy today. Not great at anything, but also adequate for everything.

A6-3620 APU - Good 6 years ago.

— Been using this for 4 and a half years in my work pc, it is far more reliable than the gen 1 i3 I had before and faster. No need to upgrade, still goes fast at stock speed on outlook, Sage and the internet. Not bad for playing some online Quake or Dawn of War either.

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