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Last seen 7 days ago.
Blue SN550 NVMe PCIe M.2 500GB - Excellent 19 months ago.
Solid State Drives

SSDNow UV400 120GB - Liked 2 years ago.
Solid State Drives

Core i3-10105F - Excellent 2 years ago.

Blue 160GB (2007) - Average 2 years ago.
Hard Drives

Sempron 140 - Poor 3 years ago.

— Had it for years, this CPU made me hate my computer, it was awful, could barely do anything with it, and yet it somehow survived for 10 years and I finished games like GTA IV at 8 FPS with this.

CT4G4DFS824A.C8FBD2 859B CT4G4DFS824A.C8FDD2 8GB - Average 3 years ago.
Memory Kits

— Yeah, I guess it's decent, got two sticks of this exact ram, it's actually made by Crucial. It's just generic RAM, but it gets its job done.

Blue 1TB (2012) - Excellent 3 years ago.
Hard Drives

— One of the greatest HDDs money can buy. It's cheap, relatively fast and has a nice amount of space, it's pretty basic but it's still nowadays a greato ption for a budget build.

Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 - Terrible 3 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— An awful iGPU for an awful CPU. This isn't even decent for playing videos at 480p, let alone for playing even flash games. It's awful.

MQ01ABD032 320GB - Average 3 years ago.
Hard Drives

— Somewhat decent, it's slow and it only has 168GB but it's enough for a notebook.

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