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Core i3-9100F - Good 4 years ago.

— In my country (SVK) is only 80-90€ for new CPU. For that price is great 4core CPU for low budget gamers with nice performace..... I dont know what some people write "bad performace only 4 core" .... For that price is bad? Really? I dont think so...

Red 1TB (2012) - Good 4 years ago.
Hard Drives

— Not better speed but very stable speed with low cache memory and only 5400RPM For that price you get faster or more memory or both but .... with WD i have long year good expirience

Barracuda 2TB (2016) - Good 4 years ago.
Hard Drives

— Quick,cheap but..... will have a lifetime like WD? After 6 month using.... i like them!

XPG SX8200 Pro NVMe PCIe M.2 1TB - Excellent 4 years ago.
Solid State Drives

— Nice performace for money I dont Like Adata but .....maybe this SSD will change my mind about the manufacturer quality when dont die

GTX 1060-6GB - Good 4 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— Powerfull, Low power consumption ,decent price Only i dont know WHY is also produced 3gb version !!! That memory is bottleneck of GPU processor ,for little lower price ..... RX 580 8gb is better purchase like GTX 1060 3gb and without fun in my country is MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GT OC for 172€ and Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Pulse 8gb fo 175€.... for 5gb more memory only 3€ higher price..... No doubt i like Nvidia but I would buy RX580 8gb Yes GPU processor is better on Nvidia but 2/3 more memory is perfect reason for what bought AMD

GTX 770 - Excellent 4 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— I have reference version Nvidia GTX 770 Nice looking gpu,nice cooling,big thermal pad And nice performace ! This GPU is not too much cheap on this day but is very good Only 2gb memory is a little low but processor is strong

GTX 460 - Good 4 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— I have MSI GTX 460 Hawk 1280MB I think,is best purchase of Fermi series Good memory on Fermi series,GPU is too good and cooler is small but heavy (nickel-plated cooper) ,switch for hardcode overclocked nice card

GeForce GTX 470 - Average 4 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— I mean GTX 460 is better buying when 400 series were released But for good price have this card used for old Quad Core LGA 775 i mean is good bought,only high temperature is parasite of GTX 400 series

GTX 1080-Ti - Excellent 4 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— Perfect GPU! 250W TDP is not too much but that performace is perfect,memory is too much ,processor is strong About 1 generation newest GPU from AMD is still very close on this card but i dont think is better than this ,RTX 2080 have on higher resolution problems too with this one.... Yes,GTX 1080 Ti is expensive but price equals demands..... and AMD with VEGA not set the bar very high because GTX 1080 is better and power compsumpion is on VEGA 300w and on 1080 is 180w and this is very high difference performace /economy GTX 1080 ti is even better efficiency on performace and price?..... 2 best GPU of year were from Nvidia RTX is for what that much expensive? Because AMD rx 5700 xt and NAVI 7 is worse than GTX 1080 ti ..... RTX is therefore crazy price because very very small competition from AMD

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