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CT4G4DFS824A.C8FDD2 4x4GB - Excellent 22 months ago.
Memory Kits

— This set of DIMMs from Crucial doesn't have a heat-sink, and that's one of the reasons I bought it. I used their scan utility, and this set matched my motherboard and had what I was looking for (2400 MHz). So I can have plenty of RAM, and it does the job at a decent price. Having more RAM is better than having faster RAM right? --Feb2020 Update-- Apparently these DIMM sticks are actually pretty fast, they had better be since they're newer (circa 2017) and cost me $201.47 in total. I was honestly not expecting these to outperform as many equivalent sets of 4x4GB DDR4 2400 MHz as it does. I only bought them because they looked "normal". Who knew? Should keep bench-marking them, definitely.


This is a decent place to buy this from. I originally bought my set fro, Crucial directly, when it was still new and expensive. Crucial no longer offers this set on their website any longer.

MX300 SATA M.2 525GB - Excellent 3 years ago.
Solid State Drives

— There's nothing inherently wrong with it. It does what it's supposed to do, it's M.2. The reason I chose this at the time was because I trusted the manufacturing tolerances of Micron, and I thought that other brands were overrated. It saves space, because it can be mounted directly onto the motherboard, in one way or the other. Of course...If I had just waited a little longer I could have bought the new MX500 series SSD, but they don't have any M.2 format drives released yet and there isn't much of significant difference; which is a higher read speed of 560 MB/s and 5 year warranty. The 3 year warranty and read speed of 530 MB/s is just fine!


Not that much of deal compared to some others. But still a decent reference point.

545s Series 512GB - Excellent 3 years ago.
Solid State Drives

— Five year warranty, this SDD will outlive most others (or at least it should). New technology, 64 layers of 3D NAND flash. It's too early to to do proper comparisons in terms of longevity but I'm sure it'll last me a while. This 545s 2.5 inch SSD is even faster than my Crucial MX300 M.2 SSD. I got a random read/write 4k speed of 100 MB/s + (with CrystalDisk Mark 5) that's unheard of on a SATA drive. Sure, this isn't NVMe or Optane, but that's okay, for the price ($165) I'm still pretty satisfied with this SSD.


Don't know how long this will last. But it seemed worth while at the time.

DT Elite G2 32GB - Excellent 3 years ago.
USB Flash Drives

— It's a pretty fast flash drive. It's USB 3.1. And it's made of metal and has a cap for the connector. I'm not a neat freak, but I know there's going to be dust a lint and other particles to muck up my flash drive. Being able to protect connector is a big deal for me, and this high speed flashdrive has one!

Pentium G4620 - Excellent 3 years ago.

— For about $30 more (than the G4560) there's better performance across the board. The highest performing dual-core processor on the market. Great processor, runs cool, medium high clock-rate, has hyperthreading; it'll be inteeresting to find out what gets bottlenecked by this processor. Possibly video or 3D rendering.

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