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RTX 2080-Ti - Excellent 9 months ago.
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— I have never owned a graphics card of this caliber. I got an Alienware with an AMD 3900x and 32gb of 3200mhz DDR4. It's amazing the difference in speed compared to previous cards I've owned. This card pared with my Ryzen 9 is off the charts. I love how I can overclock my GPU and the GDDR6 memory runs at 7000mhz before being overclocked. I play War Thunder with my graphics settings maxed out and I still get around 100fps. That is a lot for how intricate and detailed the terrain and buildings are in that game. If you can afford it I highly recommend this card. 11gb of memory on the card is enough to play any game now and games to come. It has ray tracing which will be utilized by future games and I am confident this card will perform very well for years to come. I recommend Dell Alienware also. I am getting a 190% score on the card and a 93.3% on my processor. The Samsung SSD is at 355% and my 32gb of DDR4 3200mhz is at 113%. If you can build your own system it is probably cheaper but it's nice to have a warranty and Dell support assist to keep every aspect of my computer updated with the newest driver and maintenance tools for keeping your PC running like new. AMD and Nvidia work seamlessly together in my system so if your on the fence AMD graphics cards aren't quite up to par with the RTX 2080ti as of yet and I admit I wasn't sure how an Nvidia card would perform with the Ryzen CPU. I hope my comment helps inform people that AMD and Intel at the moment are both great companies and Nvidia is the leader right now when it comes to graphics cards. I suspect AMD will catch up sooner or later because they are a very innovate and experienced when it comes to CPU and GPU architecture. My first PCI express card back in 2003 was an ATI Radeon x800 and I remember how much better it was than the Nvidia card I had previously. Again I cannot express in words how awesome the RTX 2080ti is. You have to experience it to understand and it is very important to make sure you have a 144mhz refresh rate monitor to go along with your system.

Ryzen 9 3900X - Excellent 9 months ago.

— I am an experienced computer technician and avid gamer. I play War Thunder with my RTX 2080 ti and I have all the graphics settings maxed. It performs incredibly well and is just as good as Intel in my opinion at gaming. From what I hear new games are going to be more multi-thread oriented than they are now so soon AMD will have the lead in gaming performance. I highly recommend this processor for any task you need powerful processing power at a reasonable price. You can't go wrong with Intel or AMD. At the moment both companies are producing very good CPU's and it's nice to know that either way you go your going to be impressed.

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