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Core i7-9700K - Excellent 1 month ago.

— bought for $200. replacing 8700k to get rid of hyperthreading. very nice processor for not an extreme core count and keeping latency down. the i5-9600k just don't got those 2 extra cores that help a lot

Ryzen 5 3600 - Good 1 month ago.

— of course the 300 series is slower than the 4000 series . here how are you showing ryzen 5 3600h better than ryzen 5 4600h the 4600h is the mobile/laptop version that was released early. the 3600 is a desktop processor. at stock speeds the 3600 wins. not really surprising given how you can't actually have a 4600h without buying entrylevel gaming laptops which is an absurd idea

Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 C16 4x8GB - Excellent 1 month ago.
Memory Kits

— bought these when I first built this pc, had no idea what xmp was. all these years later this is still a great kit at a great price. 4x8gb works fine at 3200 or even 3466 with tuned timings, just remember to shove voltage in it

Core i7-8700K - Good 1 month ago.

— Good CPU, and a legitimately difficult question on whether zen 3 will deliver anything meaningful to make upgrading worthwhile. This was never meant to be a budget chip; it was the best and probably still is one of the best gaming CPUs with strong overclocking (5ghz+ allcore with hyperthreading is fairly easy on a $100 AIO) if you feed it enough voltage. I used to run this without hyperthreading @ 4.8 and 4.8 bus, and then a 1070, and ran Overwatch at 249efps with almost no stutter in test matches which were not low-load. 10 series and even zen 2 are also within range now, and with better motherboards, and while keeping an old mobo sounds appealing it really isn't in the scheme of things. but AMD's entrance may be too much to expect. I suspect 8700ks will be going out used for less, but not many z370 boards are really common anymore, so this is strictly going to be a 'used' purchase with a PC already around it, and at significantly less. For the latency-concerned gamerrrr, the 8700k or 9700k is king for a few weeks until it's tested by AMD's very large claims. People have sprung to conclusions but those of us who paid attention remember every single manufacturer messes everything up in some way. We just saw it with Nvidia, for the millionth time. To think all the claims by AMD will go on par with the reality is absurdist at best, but people who think a 1600X will compete with this is probably wishing themselves well on their choice. However, one can still be fair. For value over all workloads, zen 2 still wins. Remember though: just because something is cheaper doesn't mean it's the same value differential, especially with a component that will be doing work for you many hours a day for an enthusiast. Mixing up value and performance (performance doesn't demand value, but value demands performance) leads to the conclusion anything out of your budget range must be bad since x or y runs similarly.

Black SN750 NVMe PCIe M.2 1TB (2019) - Excellent 1 month ago.
Solid State Drives

— Good SSD at a good price point on sale. Don't pay more than $130 for it though. Has terrible sequential write times, so if you want lengthy workloads, just spend the extra on the EVO pro 'cuz you'll notice it really fast. Also this is incredibly better than the MX500.

UBM - Poor 2 months ago.
Hard Drive Benchmarks

— You shouldn't be petty about a video when it's absolutely true your website is misused and difficult to understand. I am biased against latency too but when you design a site like this you invite criticism when you can't explain fluently the real fact that no game really uses more than six cores and until someone can demonstrate a real one that is actually highly well-performing with more than six cores without getting GPU bottlenecked we remain the fringe. At high graphics settings, latency is already bad. So comparing max gfx vs max gfx and weighting for latency is ridiculous.

Info  www.userbenchmark.com/...

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