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Radeon R7 Graphics - Average 2 months ago.
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— For an IGD of it's age is pretty impressive that it could match budget cards of the time, and it is akin to a GT 740, and it's performance is more dependent on what RAM kit you are using. Please note that these IGDs never were meant for AAA gaming at Ultra settings as some people like to think, these were meant for low-mid settings on AAA titles and mid-high settings on eSport titles. For all those of you who find that your Radeon R7 is underperforming, make sure you have a motherboard with 4 slots, and all those slots populated with DDR3-1866 as a bare minimum, use DDR3-2133 to allow good overclocking gains, and, if you are using slow RAM, better forget about gaming, because Slower RAM will bottleneck it quite badly. Also check that you are effectively running it at it's marked speed, otherwise you will bottleneck this IGD. These IGDs will inevitably underperform on boards that only have 2 slots populated, as DDR3-1866 can only provide 13GB/s of bandwidth per module, and this IGD requires at least 50GB/s to reach it's maximum potential.

FX-9590 - Good 2 months ago.

— Got this old beast 4 days ago alongside a GIGABYTE 990FXA -UD3 Ultra and 16GB of DDR3-1866 for 350USD brand new. Runs hot, and draws quite a lot of power, but it is certainly more powerful compared to my overclocked A10 7870K that draws 140W by just the CPU cores, so power draw isn't that different to what I was used to. Just make sure that you have at least a 240mm AIO to keep this old beast on the mid 60s, and that you have a decent board to run it, mine does run the VRM at 110°C under 100% usage on Anything that is not AVX, on AVX, it runs the VRM at 83°C. It is quite good for productivity tasks that demand a lot of threads, and it is decent for gaming, as it can boost 1-4 cores to 5GHz constant if they get pushed to 100%, so, it should be able to tackle even older games that ran on a single core with ease. As long as you have good cooling and a certified PSU, this chip is decent for pretty much anything.

GeForce GT 710 - Average 7 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— On stock settings, it's terrible, specially those with DDR3 as VRAM, however, if you modify the BIOS of this card to unlock the voltage, you can match a GT 730 GDDR5 with ease (Mine did bench a solid 5% with 1386MHz of core and almost 3GHz of memory, it is on the benchmarks section of my profile with an E-350, more or less what a GT 730 does bench). Insane overclocking headroom for such small card with a really good success rate, I got a pair of GT 710s for the price of a single GT 730, so I'm not complaining.

A10-7870K APU (2014 D.Ka) - Average 7 months ago.

— These APUs are still good candidates for budget eSport gaming and most AAA titles with the sole exception of CP2077. However, they come with a catch, as you will need to use very high clock speed RAM (DDR3 2133 or 2400 on XMP) to get decent results with the onboard graphics (Which can trade blows with a GT 730 easily), if you want decent single core performance, you will need to overclock them over 4.0GHz base, preferably at 4.5GHz, however, getting past 4.5GHz base will yield you only two overclocked cores and two at idle clockspeed (1.7GHz). If high speed DDR3 is cheap on your location, get one of these APUs, they are certainly worth it if they are cheap.

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