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— Great for the time but now a power hungry, outclassed behemoth, these things are good if you can pick them up cheap with a working board. That's the hard part, the X58 boards these run on are something of legend and command insane prices, especially considering their age and the fact that most have been heavily used. Again, if you can pick one up cheap with a working board consider it, if not then just jump on the Ryzen train.

2 days ago.

— Essentially a mobile i7-2600 this is a serious little chip for processing on the go. It sports a full 4 cores and 8 threads on the Sandy Bridge 32Nm architecture, with a 45W TDP and maximum clock speed of 2.9GHz. Although dated, launching in 2011, this is still a decent workhorse if you need a mobile CPU with raw processing power. Yes, it uses more power than its modern counterparts and does lag in single-thread speed, but it makes up for that with the full complement of cores and threads which deliver the brute force needed for editing and content creation on the go. Think of this as the muscle car of the laptop world - old, thirsty, heavy and hot-running, but still has solid performance worthy of respect.

21 days ago.

— Launched in 2010 on the 40Nm process, these Radeon mobile graphics are basic by today's standard - better than some integrated units of the last few years but any current processor will demolish it. It features 400 shaders, 20 texture units and 8 ROPs as well as 1GB of DDR3 on a 128-bit bus. TDP is 26W with clocks of 650 and 800MHz for core and memory. I got an overall score of 6.17% for mine in a Lenovo Ideapad, with the latest drivers and an overclock to 900MHz core and 1000MHz memory. In real terms this made running older titles like 'Fallout 3' a lot more pleasant, with smoother frames and much less detectable input lag. Overall? Comparatively terrible, but very acceptable if you're the owner of a cheap, used laptop!

23 days ago.

— If you're after low-power computing then this is a good, basic processor to get work done. Based on the 2016 14nm Apollo Lake architecture it is designed for mobile efficiency and comes in a range of laptops from budget to mid-tier. It uses about 4 to 6 watts under load (yes, four to six whole watts) and generally idles under 2 watts. It has four cores with four threads and has a 1.1GHz base clock with a 2.2GHz boost, with the included HD 500 series graphics boasting 12 execution units running at up to 700MHz, although information regarding this is limited given its budget application. If you're processing data then forget anything with this. Although possible, it'll take forever as you're limited to 256k of L1 and 2MB of L2 cache - no L3 at all. The included graphics won't help you here either. For everyday processing, or a cheap laptop for the kids, this is a decent processor but throw more than 2 or 3 basic tasks at it and it flounders. Anything more complex than everyday word processing, internet and multimedia is beyond it, but given that's what the majority of users will be doing this isn't an issue. The bonus? Ultra-light, thin and quiet latops with passive cooling and sub- $250USD price points. Not bad!

1 month ago.

— If you're after a good value, top-performing processor in 2019 then look no further. This is all of it, then some. You've got 6 cores with 12 threads, unlocked multipliers for overclocking and a tiny TDP rating. No integrated graphics, but you're gonna pair it with a beastly graphics card so who cares? I'm running mine on an X370 board, but B350 and even A320 boards will probably be just fine. The TDP sure itsn't an issue - just 65W apparently, with a boost clock of 4.2GHz bumping it just a tad further. While the included Wraith Stealth cooler is fine for the job, you'll find better cooling and clock speeds with an aftermarket one. I used my Cooler Master ML120L 120mm AIO and got rock solid 4.2GHz while gaming. No complaints here, especially seeing as they equal a 1700X in most multicore loads and match an 8700K in gaming. Seriously, if you're even halfway thinking about one of these just get it.

1 month ago.

— Came as the system drive in my old HP Pavilion in 2011, now relegated to bulk storage on my Ryzen build. Been used almost continually since then with regular backups to make sure no data loss occurs. However, this ancient drive shows no sign of failure (touch wood) and just keeps on ticking! Obviously long since superseded but as far as drives go mine has been excellent.

2 months ago.

— Great processor for the money. 3.2GHz hyperthreaded dual-core with Vega 3 integrated graphics, it's not quite most people's idea of a budget gamer but it would make a great low power HTPC or general desktop processor.

4 months ago.

— The 600 series introduced Nvidias Keppler architecture, which was a big leap forward over Fermi. For a start is wasn't quite so power hungry, although by today's standards it does use a bit given its relative performance. The GTX 670 performs a lot like the 1050ti, but with about double the power draw. Reference style cards will run hot so try to look for an aftermarket cooler, and make sure you replace the thermal paste as by now it'll be rock hard. Modern gaming at 1080p in low and medium settings is fluid and very playable, if you're after a cheap card to get gaming and your psu has at least one 6 pin connector then this is a good option. Beware though, driver support is likely to cease soon!

4 months ago.

— As far as integrated graphics go, these are pretty decent. You'll find them on older AMD A-series processors like the A8-3800. They'll run older games (like Half Life 2) pretty well, but don't expect too much modern gaming with them unless you're into 8-bit or Indie titles. On the upside, those old A-series chips make good, cheap, quiet HTPC's nowdays.

4 months ago.
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