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Celeron G6900 - Good 5 months ago.

— $50 $50 $50 $50 $50!!!!!!!!!! Cheap desktop, ultra-cheap gaming, non-existent workstation!!!!! e-sports!!!!!!!!!!!!

Core i3-12100 - Good 5 months ago.

— I don't really like how they added such a tax for the integrated graphics. An extra $20 for an iGPU - especially on an i3 - isn't good. However, this CPU is one of the fastest quad cores to date and can run even on the most potato of power supplies. It brings out incredible gaming performance up to 50% faster than the i3 10100. It even manages to beat 6 core CPUs from AMD that run on Zen2, very impressive for just an i3 processor. Good job Intel, you got your position as king back.

GTX 260 - Poor 5 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— It was a graphics card. It is now garbage.

Ryzen 9 6900HX - Average 5 months ago.

— AMD laptop CPU - first of 2 that support DDR5 RAM. APU performance has not changed - CPU performance has not changed much either. Slightly higher clocks are nice.

Core i5-12500 - Average 5 months ago.

— Intel's i5 12500 is a weird processor. It is around $40 more expensive than the i5 12400(F) for slightly higher clocks and a better iGPU that most gamers will not care about - which is the thing Alder Lake focuses most on from what we've seen. It is not good value. This does not mean it is a bad CPU, it is still very capable of gaming and could be more capable in workstation and desktop use thanks to the improved iGPU. I do not believe it deserves a $40 tax for those situations though.

Ryzen 5 5600U - Good 5 months ago.

— Pretty good laptop CPU. Runs less hotter than the Zen2 5500U, performs a little bit better. I believe there was a huge difference made in the iGPU though, you could run CS:GO on it at like 200 fps (the game IS cpu-bound but this is saying something) with few stutters IF the laptop/AIO that it is in has dual channel RAM @3000+ mHz. This CPU is getting a little bit dated though considering the launches of Intel's Alder Lake and some 11th gen laptop CPUs which tend to hunger less for good memory and have a nearly as capable iGPU. Ignoring Intel for now, it is a good CPU for going on the web and playing some light games - or games that have a GTX 1050 in their minimum requirements. You could even do some rendering with its core count and cache if your laptop doesn't go up to 92C, unfortunately that is a gaurantee on today's laptops.

Core i3-12300 - Good 5 months ago.

— Now THIS is the fastest quad core.

M425R1GB4BB0-CQKOD 2x8GB - Good 5 months ago.
Memory Kits

— DDR5 laptop memory. Fast.

The Best.
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