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Deskstar 7K1000.C 1TB - Excellent 2 years ago.
Hard Drives

— For a spinning disk hard drive which this beauty is, its still spinning and doing a real good job even after 8 years of every day usage!

850 Pro 256GB - Excellent 2 years ago.
256GB Solid State Drives

— For a 2014 released and bought SSD drive this still kicks ass in 2020. Its light weight, easy to mount, plug n play, ofcourse its SATA but above all, its still fast to this date!

970 Evo NVMe PCIe M.2 250GB - Excellent 2 years ago.
Solid State Drives

— You want reliability.. right? and you want it to be fast. You also want it to be M.2 format. I say look no further!

Core i5-4690K - Excellent 2 years ago.

Ryzen 5 3600 - Excellent 2 years ago.

Ryzen 7 2700X - Excellent 2 years ago.

GTX 1080-Ti - Excellent 3 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— MSI 1080 Ti Gaming (non X) just so good. Bought it used for 435 pound is just a steal or bargain. Im coming from a Sapphire RX590 nitro+ SE, and before that an MSI GTX 960 2GB and before that a Sapphire Radeon 7850 1GB and my very first card XFX HD 4870 within a 12 year window.. Having experienced all the above cards i gotta say the 1080 Ti is absolute heaven to experience. im so glad i followed my gut and bought it.

RX 590 - Excellent 4 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— upgrading from a msi gaming GTX 960 2GB overclocked at 1544Mhz core and 2000Mhz Memory. I have absolutely no regrets or sorrow for that matter simply because the RX 590 destroys the 960 in performance. a great card for its price tag. now i can finally enjoy high - ultra 1080p gaming!

GTX 960 - Excellent 4 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— Even though i made the mistake to go with the 2GB MSI gaming version of this card (this was atleast 3 years ago) And even if it only has an ASIC quality of 66.8%... this card can be pushed over its limits like none other -without any hardware mods- which i find truly fascinating. It runs most games i play at a decent medium to high setting ratio which is completely fine for the price at the time. Which is why i love it so much. it packs so much punch hidden under its hood for a reasonable price for costumers that are a little low on budget. For now i have the MSI 2G gaming version running at a stable 1506Mhz clock and 4001Mhz mem @1268mV-core. I even took the time to use liquid metal on the GPU die instead of the factory applied compound which was already dried up when i decided to change it. The die under heavy load with factory compound sat around 76-84 Celcius and now with liquid metal sits around 46-53 Celcius, before then the GPU fans will have sped up to their max values to keep the components on the card cool as well because we all know that heat is a slowly destructive factor.

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