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Core i9-9900K - Good 21 months ago.

— Funny ppl talking about "fast" "monster gaming" "still great in 2021" (that one made me laugh as if were so technologically advanced compared to what? 2 or 3 years ago lmao) but I dont think they truly understand how CPU function... I GOT A BILLION CORES AND THREADS THAT MEANS IM FAST AS HECK BOYEEEEEE!!! Right? NO! NOT RIGHT! Its all relevant to what you're doing with the CPU! Most games/apps/programs wont even utlize more than 4 cores. My last system was a Z97 Extreme9 mobo, i7 4790k CPU OCd to 4.9 Ghz, 16 GB 2400 Mhz DDR 3 C9 RAM, 1070 GPU, etc... and I could play 99% of new games @60 FPS minimum with many @144 FPS with minor setting tweaks. People with "brand new" systems (because you know the newer the better right?) were averaging the same or slightly better depending on how well the user applied their components. Sure some systems far exceeded my roughly 7 to 8yo system but then again those systems cost over $2000 to $3000 and more. I buy everything USED or open box, etc... I got this i9 for $175 on an ebay auction and honestly its not much better than my Devils Canyon i7 for gameplay. Sure its future proofed but theres no reason for anyone to go out and buy new components every other year. Its just a waste of money.

GTX 1070-Ti - Excellent 2 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— bang for buck baby YEAH

GTX 1070 - Excellent 3 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— I have the 1070 mini which is cool AF lol Ive owned 2x1080 and a 1080ti, both by GIGABYTE. I had sold the 1080ti when prices jumped up as I couldn't resist considering I paid less than retail for it because it was supposedly broken but I guess I managed to fix it. Anyways, when I seen that the 1070 had finally come down in price I bought two of them for less than 300$! I have one installed now but might go for Sli. When I had my 2x1080 in Sli Shadow of War played so amazing that it looked like a crazy 4k dream even though I was playing in regular 1080p I think? I do have an ASUS 144hz monitor tho so I know that helped but anyways, the Sli is cool for some games but the power wasted vs. performance is just stupid so Ill probably just keep one installed for now. 1070 is the best GPU for price vs. performance as of now unless you can get a 1080ti for super cheap! If you already have a 1070 dont upgrade to the 1070ti, just keep your regular 1070! If you dont have a 1070 yet buy a 1070 ti! If you can afford it buy a 1080ti haha

960 Evo NVMe PCIe M.2 250GB - Excellent 3 years ago.
Solid State Drives

— I dont know why this program wont recognize it. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt but its really messing with my benchmarks

Core i7-4790K - Excellent 3 years ago.

— Hey Im the guy from the USA who is always #1 with the Asrock Extreme9. Seems like I should get like some kind of award? Thanks

F3 DDR3 2400 C9 4x4GB - Excellent 5 years ago.
Memory Kits

— top of the rind

SSD 1TB - Excellent 5 years ago.
USB Flash Drives


SSD 1TB - Excellent 5 years ago.
Solid State Drives

— its cheapest priced 1tb ssd out there if u can find one for under 200

GTX 1080 - Excellent 6 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— Fast as heck but wish it had the same RAM as the 1070

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