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Last seen 3 months ago.
HD 4600 (Desktop 1.25 GHz) - Average 7 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— Somehow manages to play Roblox at 27-30fps. Old tech is full of surprises.

Core i5-4590 - Excellent 8 months ago.

— not a bad cpu for the optiplex 3020 sff it came with. as someone who still uses pcs with ddr3 memory in it, i see this as an absolute win.

Core i5-1035G1 - Excellent 12 months ago.

— Asus X415JA-EB110T go brrr

Core i7-4770 - Terrible 16 months ago.

— 3% worse than i7-3770K

Core i7-3770K - Good 18 months ago.

— Good CPU, though with the stock cooler may overheat...

M471A5244CB0-CWE 2x4GB - Terrible 18 months ago.
Memory Kits

— bro even my calculator is faster than this RAM

GTX 1060-6GB - Average 18 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— anyone got an upgrade idea from this piece of trash? thought the 1660S would do, but im seeing the 2060 popping up here...

RTX 4090 - Terrible 18 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— too expensive

GeForce 610M - Excellent 18 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— it can run Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I am using a laptop that has it as a flight simulator.

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