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Last seen 2 months ago.
Core2 Duo E4600 - Poor 2 months ago.

— GREAT CPU!!!!!!...... back in 2007, nowadays it cant even run most games at any fps. can't be used as a VM since it doesn't have virtualization, and the only use I could see is as a low-traffic web-server.

Core i7 870 - Excellent 2 months ago.

— Got one for my home server I got for free that had an i3 530. huge upgrade and does everything I need it to while barely breaking a sweat. gaming isn't terrible but poorly optimized games that came out after 2022 (ex: starfield) won't even hit 30fps. picked up the CPU for like 7 bucks totally worth it.

Phenom II X6 1065T - Average 2 months ago.

— Good CPU, a great upgrade from my old Phenom II X2 521. Use it as a Plex/Minecraft server and do both, simultaneously fine. Outperforms the i7 860, 870, and 880. I don't recommend buying one in 2024 unless you already have a supporting motherboard, and if you do the 1055t is only slightly slower and can be found for up to half the price. and if your motherboard supports 125W chips, get the 1100T

GeForce MX230 - Good 2 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— not the best obviously, but a decent little chip that soars above the crappy UHD 620 that comes in these laptops. Acceptable for light gaming and very low power draw. Underrated, power-efficient GPU. The only downside is that nowadays there are better options, but that requires a system replacement

GTX 1050 - Average 2 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— Not quite the beast that its brother, the 1050ti is. still was not a bad card, just no longer it's time

RTX 3050 - Average 5 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— I mean was not bad, I used it for a few years but for price-to-performance, it is better to go with AMD. As for raytracing the 3050 is the bottom-of-the-barrel in that market, and only gets 30FPS locked, with V-sync off in Minecraft Bedrock RTX.

RX 7800-XT - Excellent 5 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— Great card, no driver issues, also "Womp Womp" to the person who said AMD knockoff

Radeon HD 4200 - Terrible 5 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— A graphics chip so AWFUL it runs off the NORTHBRIDGE (motherboard chip). I kinda got a playable fps in Minecraft at 720p minimum settings but a terrible AMD R5 240 you can buy for a couple of bucks easily destroys this thing.

UHD Graphics 600 - Terrible 5 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— $10-15 and R5 240 are LEAPS ahead of this card. Once I found out this is what schools used I realized why Google Classroom lags. also, the Celeron N4000-N4020 series of CPUs suck. Cant even run Zoom calls well. 1/100 2010 HP media laptop's gpu even though has a slightly slower score on userbench, it actually runs a bit better. (hd 6370m or Mobility radeon HD 6370m same thing) only advatage is that these devices can run off my phone charger :P

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