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845 - Excellent 2 years ago.

— Snapdragon 845 SMARTPHONE CPU from OnePlus 6T, Xiaomi Poco F1 ANDROID PHONES running on native Windows 11... crazy!! People have gotten full-fledged native Windows 11 (for ARM) running on these things! Actual CPU performance is probably equivalent to an i7-4600u or something when it's running ARM code, but this website's benchmark is compiled for x86 CPUs so the 845 runs it through x86 emulation which significantly dampens performance, making it as fast as a Pentium D or Intel Atom when it comes to emulated x86 windows apps.... yikes. Still it is better than nothing, considering you are literally running REAL Windows 11 full-fledged with no compromises, and PC games and other amazing PC software on your freaking pocket-sized phone! Totally sick!

GT 1030 - Average 2 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— GPU is okay. Gets okay performance on games but is generally only meant as a graphics accelerator rather than a gaming card. Exactly equivalent performance to the GPU found in the A15 Bionic chip from the Apple iPhone 13 series. Consumes only 30w of power which is very efficient!

Radeon Pro 455 - Good 2 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— MacBook Pro exclusive GPU, has equivalent performance to A15 GPU (Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini)

Rocket Q 1TB - Good 2 years ago.
Solid State Drives

— Great amount of storage for the price, and great speeds too!

RX Vega 8 4000 (iGPU) - Good 2 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— Best in-class mobile iGPU, but it's still a mobile iGPU, so performance is mediocre at best. Only really capable of doing games at 900p but it looks pretty decent anyways. Managed to play GTA5 900p/1080p normal and ran at 60fps... crazy!! Pretty good for integrated graphics, especially on a laptop

Ryzen 5 4500U - Excellent 2 years ago.

— Very good Ryzen APU! Perfectly equipped to take on most everyday tasks and even many heavy ones, this CPU will be great for basically anybody on a mobile laptop chip. Wattage is good, CPU rarely gets hot. The integrated Vega graphics are decent for playing games at 900p medium for the most part. Much better performance than even an i7 mobile chip, with much better CPU performance and vastly better GPU performance

U... 16GB - Excellent 2 years ago.
Memory Kits

— GDDR6 RAM built into the '4700s Desktop Kit' (aka: the PC with the exact PS5 chip in it)... shares the same RAM type, speed, amount, and frequency as the PS5, since, well... it's a PS5. much faster system bandwidth than DDR4/5 but much slower latency, which is why GDDR6 is meant for graphics buffering rather than system tasks.

4700S 8-Core Desktop Kit - Excellent 2 years ago.

— This is the exact APU used in the PS5, only with GPU disabled. Slap in an RTX 2080 with it and you're playing at exact PS5 levels which is pretty cool. These benchmarks do go to show though that even though the PS5 has 8c/16t, the PS5 CPU is not at R7 3700x levels of performance at all

Cruzer Fit 64GB - Good 5 years ago.
USB Flash Drives

— Bad speed, but great form factor. The drive is smaller than my thumbnail, so that makes up for the awful speed.

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