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HD 4000 (Desktop 1.15 GHz) - Disliked (edit) Add link 6 mins ago.
Graphics Cards


I love this graphics card. It is phenomenal-it destroys almost every game I throw at it at 1080p high settings. This card is probably the best purchase in my whole system due to the fact I got it before COVID started. I purchased it off Amazon for $350 and I am glad of every single penny I put into it. I always get at least 80 FPS on all games. The only exception is grand theft auto V. Besides that, I get 100+ FPS.—Jan '21

— Insanely high market and better option


It's a brand new card that can't compete with nearly 4 year old AMD cards in power and price. Very disappointed.—Apr '19

— It is a really good being GPU but the 2GB model is just not powerful enough to make the cut, but the 4GB model is better and can handle more of a load from games.

RTX 3060 - Good (edit) Add link 2 hrs ago.
Graphics Cards

— It runs games well and it is more than enough for it's non expensive price.


Even though it's not as good as the 3060 Ti, at least it is not AMD garbage—Feb '21

RX 6900-XT - Excellent (edit) Add link 3 hrs ago.
Graphics Cards


AMD are great at selling junk. They pee in the well with fake comments, glorified cheerleaders on youtube and paid magazine reviews. My POS PC still crashes randomly. Everybody needs to call the rats out instead of letting them get away with it.—Dec '20


Unstable waste of time, black screen garbage, I should have seen through the markeing BS. Waiting for my 3080 now ...—Feb '21

Pentium G620 - Liked (edit) Add link 3 hrs ago.

The Best.
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