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RTX 3080-Ti - Terrible 4 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— Why would you ever?

Radeon RX 560-B - Average 4 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— 100% a budget card don't think otherwise. Facebook marketplace they're about 50-90 bucks, cheaper then a GT 1030 and perform better, smothers a gt 1010 which offers the same level of 3 outputs. Personally the XFX I grabbed is very good to OC. I managed to jump mine from the regular 20.4% to 26.5%. Not a substantial increase (think about going from crap to mud, same color different smell) but a bump of generally 10-15 frames on all my games. Was able to run Cyberpunk 2077 at the lowest settings and 720p windowed with 40 fps while OC. If you want a work station that doesn't do video stuff and only older gaming perfectly fine. Because at the end of the day while it may be a budget and a half card for gamers, this card is meant for workstations who don't do any video rendering or anything. 3 monitor outputs vs 2 on the gt 1030, twice the TDP of the gt 1030, however lower wattage is possible with a downclock, and I've never had stability issues at standard settings. It's reliable and perfect for someone who is watching the market all day or wants their stock investments on one screen while they do other things on the two other monitors. Any sort of gaming should really come second to it's utility outputs. Nobody would make the argument that a gt 1030 should be good at gaming or built for it, and this is the same case.

GTX 780-Ti - Average 4 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— In 2021's GPU shortage, it's better then any APU and can still game to this day. Does that mean it's any good? No, get a GTX 970 if you can, float for about the same price and it's a 100 watts less on TDP, 4gb of vram instead of 3, and it's a newer, and much better architecture. Even if you haft to pay an extra $20-$50, you'll be saving on the power supply and the cooling needed for type of card. Or if possible, and manage to know a guy who knows a guy or just find a good deal, pick up a GTX 1060, 3gb or 6gb. That will run much much better, higher fps, much smoother, much lower wattage, significantly cooler card. Especially being a 8+ year old card, it isn't in many developers minds when they create a game. Sure, why put performance on the table if your spending slightly more, but someone buying this isn't buying this because it's good, they're buying it because it runs games well enough. Now a days this would most likely be someone's consideration for a starter card, and it's more logical when considering resale that someone would see a greater return in money on the GTX 970, or GTX 1060, then this thing ever will offer them. Especially because someone who would buy this would most likely just be trying to obtain something to get them through the GPU crisis and once that's over the price on this hunk of junk is going to drop much lower then a GTX 970 or GTX 1060 ever will because of the aging the GTX 780 ti has gone through.

Core i5-10600KF - Excellent 5 months ago.

— Perfection at the start, meaningfully out performs a R5 3600, pitifully that's it's main competition and its side job is the R5 5600 and I7 9700/8700. However Intel finally seems to be making smarter moves by making its I5 series dual threaded. This has the I5 10600kf out performing the R5 3600 without the need of an over clock. Then pushing 6 cores and 12 threads on at least 4.9GHz all core ratio is insanely good for a more compromising build. Taking in to consideration the I5 10600kf and a Z490 go for about $350 it is an easy buy when the R5 5600 goes for $350 alone and a R5 3600 with a oc'ing motherboard also pushes $450 to this day. The performance after the I5 overclock is easily comparable to the R5 5600. Keeping in mind for the same price as buying a I5 9600k/8600k and Z390. The difference the dual threads on Intels elite budget gaming cpus finally clouds the difference between performance of a I5, I7, I9 to be unnoticed in a gaming machine. This product also serves to compete with any AMD offer considering price to performance especially after an overclock. However in the contrary with the recent GPU pandemic, if you do not own a GPU I strongly recommend you spend a little extra and get the Vega 11 in the R5 3400g or the slightly faster vega 8 R5 5400g. However these Apu's only perform somewhere inbetween a GT1030 and a RX 560, with how bottom of the barrel that selection is I would truly recommend desperately looking for a fairly priced GPU, but the two Vega APU's should be a nice bit for okay/low quality gaming at 1080p but not anywhere near good fps in most cases.

A4-6300 APU - Average 8 months ago.

— I loved this thing, so much nostalgia, any sort of cpu intensive game ran like crap and any modern game will. But god, after an overclock, it really tells you how far ryzen has come on their single core, aka no where. This thing is a cheap beast, going for like $45. Don’t ever really buy it though, just get like a FX-6300, 6 cores, 6 threads versus 1 core, 2 threads at $90 (+$45 more). If you’re truly set on a $50 CPU, buy a A8 6600K. Saw those floating for the same price as this but with quad core. Overall making this product obsolete, but still no where near the worst of old tech. Especially a 6 year old product that still arguably has a fight and a half left in it. I mean it is extremely unlikely you’ll find a use for it, but under the right circumstances, I.E a strictly single core game, after a pushy overclock and in theory you would get the same FPS as a modern ryzen, as in 2020 product. P.S. Over clock the absolute hell out of this thing for the real performance.

GTX 980-Ti - Excellent 9 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— Need a cheap gaming rig but don't want to compromise on performance, $180-$200 resale, picked mine up for $200 on Facebook Market Place, worth it's weight in gold with the recent GPU shortage, easily runs a lot of games at high FPS.

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