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Sempron 140 - Poor 7 months ago.

— Had it for years, this CPU made me hate my computer, it was awful, could barely do anything with it, and yet it somehow survived for 10 years and I finished games like GTA IV at 8 FPS with this.

CT4G4DFS824A.C8FBD2 859B CT4G4DFS824A.C8FDD2 8GB - Average 7 months ago.
Memory Kits

— Yeah, I guess it's decent, got two sticks of this exact ram, it's actually made by Crucial. It's just generic RAM, but it gets its job done.

Blue 1TB (2012) - Excellent 7 months ago.
Hard Drives

— One of the greatest HDDs money can buy. It's cheap, relatively fast and has a nice amount of space, it's pretty basic but it's still nowadays a greato ption for a budget build.

Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 - Terrible 7 months ago.
Graphics Cards

— An awful iGPU for an awful CPU. This isn't even decent for playing videos at 480p, let alone for playing even flash games. It's awful.

MQ01ABD032 320GB - Average 7 months ago.
Hard Drives

— Somewhat decent, it's slow and it only has 168GB but it's enough for a notebook.

N3S02F1333 REV. 1x2GB - Disliked 7 months ago.
Memory Kits

Atom N2600 - Terrible 7 months ago.

— Completely awful; even for its time it was extremely slow. I got it with a notebook that is given by our government (which we pay with our taxes) and they tax the life out of us to give us these terrible notebooks that barely work. This CPU is awful.

Pentium G4400 - Good 2 years ago.

— The G4400 is a bit older already, and might not be the best CPU to choose even for a budget build, especially now in 2018, but it still does a great work when it comes to desktop use, and does a decent work when running games, I still would suggest anyone to get a better CPU, like a G4560, an I3 or Ryzen 3, because this processor is getting old pretty fast and might not be very useful in a couple of years from now.

GTX 1050 - Excellent 2 years ago.
Graphics Cards

— I've got the Asus Dual Cooler version, and works like a charm. The GTX 1050 might not be the perfect card for everyone, and might struggle to run some games in settings higher than medium, but it works great for all E-Sport titles, and does an excellent job with older games, both AAA and Indies. Tried it in some newer games and it still holds up pretty well, compared to other better cards. It's a great GPU to pair with a cheap CPU like an i3, or a Pentium G4560.

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