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Last seen 3 months ago.

— This is the BEST Class U processors that you will ever find in a ultrabook. it will surpass a Desktop pentium and even challenge the i3-8100 This CPU also has a pretty high grade intel IGP so it can acieve 720p45 The 90% average of this CPU is also Godly with its quad-core design and considering its not even a 45W chip. Runs on 28W. Sadly , this Powerful CPU is only avalible in the 13 inch macbook pro 2018 and the intel NUC.

3 months ago.

— Seriously. people think of the i7-8500Y to peform pretty well but considering its a 7 watt chip its world class performance in this watt. but cant even beat a pentium N5000? Patethic.but who am i kidding! this is still a weak i7.

3 months ago.

— The i7 processor that uses 25 watts and is a dual core.... this is not a very good processor with its old dual core design and the 25 watt usage. expect a high end desktop pentium experince. but the iris 650 beats the 640 but consumes more power. MASSIVE improvment over the 640. overall. it was good for its time. until amd hit intel hard.

3 months ago.

— Very good value for a 6 core processor if you cannot afford the i7-9700F.

12 months ago.

— The reason why its 4 stars its because of its extreme iGP peformance unlike any seen. just like the vega 11. both of them are top end iGP in 2019. in 2020 the pro 580 will be surpassed by the Iris Plus G7. but it can handle many games just in lower settings.

12 months ago.

— Are you kidding me! the base clock cant even hit 1 ghz. aside from the terrable clock speeds the wattage as the first m processors is OUTSTANDING at its time. but today vthe HD 5300 and the low end M processor. it makes perfect sense for a even thinner ultrabook but today its seen better days.

12 months ago.

— The Pentium 4 3.8GHZ is Godly in terms of CLock speeds. but before 2005 intel and amd were competing because of the GHZ WAR. where companies rushed to get 4 GHZ but today the low amount of cache and the low amount of transisters makes it a intel celeron N3350 Level of peformance

16 months ago.

— This Trash GPU is like vomit for even HD video! this will peform worse then the Radeon R2. if your using this you should upgrade to at least the celeron as this GPU came with the already Destroyed Pentium 4s that had good clocks but horrible as of today.

17 months ago.

— Weird. the wattage is like giving this gpu a A+ for low wattage while containing GDDR5 VRAM!!! but the low clock speeds make it like a super slow GT 1030. its safe to say its not good for today but better then the bad UHD 620.

17 months ago.
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