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— Unknown TEAMGROUP-UD4-3200 2x8GB 189 User benchmarks - Average bench 92% 2 of 4 slots used 16GB DIMM DDR4 3466 MHz clocked @ 1733 MHz Performing way above expectations (100th percentile) 120% Outstanding MC Read 48.5 MC Write 45.6 MC Mixed 38.9 127% 44.3 GB/s SC Read 27.5 SC Write 40.8 SC Mixed 30.9 94% 33.1 GB/s Latency 71.3 56% 71.3 ns AMD and TeamGroup mated together in perfect harmony and it gave me a boner. Need I say more?

2 years ago.

— Still a great card for today and tomorrow. This cards true potential is never seen known of by almost all users and needs to be unlocked with time, patience, power, custom bios and nvflash which also allows you to finally delete them horrible software overclockers as software overclocking is a joke at best. For example my evga 980 ftw v1 benched at 76% @ 1080p when I first got it and with a little and a lot of cussing I've tweaked my bios with nvflash which has it running a game stable 91% @ 4k aka 2160p. Now with the right settings on pubg (I use NVidia dsr 2x or 4x over their screen scaling and shadows on ultra low as it not only looks the best but that setting drops you 20 fps alone for some reason) and NVidia container (set up for highest quality along with highest aliasing and override any app settings) I'm able to game in 4k @ 30+ fps or 1440p @ 80+ fps. I would recommend picking up the 980ti on ebay however because a month or so after I got mine they started bidding out close to the same price especially now gfx card prices have dropped. If you bid you should be able to snag a ti under $300 while I was impatient and bought this 1 bin for $275. With a custom bios I have no doubt a 980ti could game 4k at 40+ fps no problem and 2 in sli should easily give you 60+ if that's what your going for as for me I notice almost no difference between 1440p and 2160p other than frame rate so I stick to 1440p using 4x dsr which is 8192 x 4320 which is then downscaled to 1440p to produce a crisper nicer looking image allowing me to take off that frame rate killer known as screen scaling and looks about just as good or if you are running a 60hz tv or monitor you can even add a little screen scaling to it until it drops you down to that 60fps as you are only truly getting anyways and sharpen up your image that much more. If I remember correctly you take it from the 70 mark up to 80 and that puts you at 60fps in game if your settings are like mine and your game will look amazing.

2 years ago.
FX-9590 - Average

— Your never going to believe this #1. 125w is too much 75w is more than enough and them expensive motherboards are not needed. picture says a thousand words but first the company rig setup is as following. MB. gigabyte ga-78lmt-s2 rev 1.2 #2.CPU and AIR Cooler. AMD fx9890 @ 4.9ghz with cheapest stock cooler that came on the fx4300 it swapped out. #3. Kingston hyper furyx blue 16gb 1333mhz cas lat 10 stock clock which is overclocked to 1600 cas lat12 #4. Crappy old gateway hdd snagged out of a antique laptop. #5. Gtx 950 gpu #6. Corseair CX750M 750w psu I think 75w is fine with this cpu obviosly i cant use this until i receive a better cooler but this shows air is possible unless copper pipes are truely garbage. got it running 4.9 on and uncompaible motherboard that just needs a better north bridge heatsink and at most a h60 would probably be overkill until i hit around 5.2 to 5.3 ghz im willing to bet. Maybe i just won the lotteries lottery but im really not that lucky and i think the factory 220w statement was a **** up nobody ever cought and 120w is the max. This mb will give you an error message about cpu right away and the only way to bypass it with your saved bios settings is to hit esc before it gets to 0 every time you boot/restart. interesting non the less and computer gambles seem to be paying off for me as I can make it exceptional like my evga980 ftw v1 testing out at 93% with 4k resolution on my 1600x rig. ehh didn't realize max temp was 57c might have damaged it a tiny bit as it opens apps slower now but it was a fun mistake. Thomas your stupid and userbenchmark you got it wrong 8 core 8 thread look it up @

2 years ago.

— Good fast drive but with m.2 dropping in price it won't be long before the price vs performance of the ssd goes into the negative. AMD CPU USERS with WINDOWS 10: download latest chipsets drivers for your cpu setup at amd's website Windows 10 does not install the proper ide/atapi controller drivers from windows update or even let amd's installer to install it as well so you will have to do it manually to get your ssd running the way it should have been all along as Microsoft and intel are trying to destroy amd's competition. After downloading and running the installer open your device manager by searching it, click on ide/atapi controllers, right click on standard sata controller, click on update driver, click on search for driver on computer, browse to where the amd chipset installer installed the drivers (usually c:\amd or c:\program files\amd or c:\amd\amd chipset drivers) and make sure the include subfolders box is checked then click next. After it installs driver it will tell you to restart but before you do make sure standard sata controller changed to amd sata controller and if it did restart if not keep trying until you find the proper location of drivers you installed from amd.

2 years ago.

— Can't obtain new driver because their software which is the only god damn software in the world cant detect my ssd drive. Product was always inconstant and slow and now after 2 months. It has dead moments like pre-ghz processor era where you click on the windows start button and nothing happens until the 20th click when it decides to just kick back in. Honestly would give this company a 0 if I could. Update: drive started performing a little better and kinda acts like how it did when I first placed it in my pc (random deep q still all over the place usually always lower than 35%. Their driver updater still doesn't detect my drive so unless microsoft provides future drivers this can never be updated. Customer service at PNY doesn't even respond to email and I'm not about to call them and wait for an operator. I guess PNY stands for Personally Neglecting You. Last product of theirs I'll ever buy and when I get a free moment of time will contact the bbb about their products and service but I got a feeling their bbb score is already fairly low.

2 years ago.

— Personally i love mine now it's just a waiting game for the prices to drop in gfx cards so i can finish my rebuild. I was able to get its real life performance faster than the avg i7 7700 and just a tad behind the avg 7700k in single thread and quad thread with a way bigger lead in multi core. Runs fast, runs smooth, games great and never notice any kind of lag or bogging down of any type.

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The Best.
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