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— Intel's new iGPU found in Intel's 11th gen Core i7's.

7 days ago.

— Intel's Core i5-10600KF is their flagship CPU for the midlevel market. Sporting 6 core and 12 threads, this CPU is very similar to 2018's Core i7-8700K. Both are on Intel's 14nm process. Comparing this to AMD's Ryzen 5 3600X, Intel's Core i5 leaps ahead for single core performance, while the Ryzen 5 crushes it in multicore tasks. Performance does come at a price though. AMD's Ryzen 5 costs $80-$100 cheaper, and AMD's Ryzen 5 has a TDP of 65W. Intel's Core i5 has a TDP of 125W, almost double the Ryzen 5. Gamers who want to use their rig for personal work should choose the Ryzen 5 3600X over Intel's Core i5-10600KF as it is less power hungry, and is better at multicore tasks. Gamers who want highest frames should jump to Intel's Core i5-10600KF. It is also worth noting that AMD's Ryzen 5000 series is right around the corner, which is going to crush any Intel processor in single core performance.

7 days ago.

— Intel's first Core i7 processor. Released in 2008, this processor sports four cores and eight threads, and intel's turbo boost technology. This processor was a insane back in the core 2 era, due to how technologically advanced it was. Today, this processor is 12 years old and really isn't much when running at stock clock speeds. Luckily this processor can be overclocked and can be overclocked very nicely.

9 days ago.

— The i3-10100's worst nightmare. This processor, unlike the i3-10100, can be overclocked, and is a lot more powerful. This processor in some cases even yields more frames than the ryzen 5 3600! Overall, this processor is a very good buy for budget builders looking for the most performance.

12 days ago.

— A good processor found in lots of prebuilt home/office PC's. A fair amount of people with this processor pair these with a fairly decent GPU, making their boring office PC to a nice, budget gaming PC.

12 days ago.

— A cheap six-core hyperthreading CPU that still can hold its ground today. These can be found on ebay for about $20, making it a very good option for buyers who are willing to buy second hand components.

12 days ago.

— This GPU can be found on ebay for under $70, making it a good GPU for budget buyers willing to buy second-hand components. Although it still has decent graphical horsepower, it has only 2GB vram. Models with 4GB of vram are available, however, they usually sell for a lot more.

12 days ago.

— Overpriced junk. This processor has only four cores and four threads, which is now obsolete. According to this site, this intel CPU is better than both an extreme edition i9 and ryzen 9 3950x. If you're thinking of a good budget CPU, look at ryzen 3 3300x or a used intel xeon.

14 days ago.

— It's a GTX 750 ti with lower TDP.

14 days ago.
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