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F4 DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GB - Good 11 months ago.
Memory Kits

— My ram gets l umped into this its actually the sniper X 3200 Cl16 kit. In anycase The 49read/48-47 write /copy u see thats my kit. now for 50-60 bucks its hard to beat I run it in 3400mhz 14/18/14/18/28/42 On the Ryzen 2700 non x with X470 board. This is Hynix CJR Die memory btw . I have the #1 ranked benchmark yet doesn't show my build as "top builds with this kit" who knows whys. Ive hit over 50k read On Aida multiple times All my sub timings are ofcourse tightened and adjusted. If you have a hynix kit ...listen to me carefully Dram Calc is very helpful HOWEVER atleast on the Ryzen 2000' series ...do not bother using the Tfaw settings suggested they it may seem stable may even pass mem test or aida but if you go below say 32/34 It will randomly Crash in Battlefield 5. In fact don't assume your memory is stable unless you can run BF 5 lol , its the best mem test ive found so far.

Ryzen 7 2700 - Excellent 11 months ago.

— Ive gotten it stable to 4.3 Ghz ...Pay no attention to youtube. Nor Intel Fan boys. When you look at the 2700 list on this page ... the one u see at the top? Thats me. It cost me a 150 bucks ... I get 144FPS no problem 1080p High Settings minus crap that hurts play in battlefield 5. Thats using the 1660TI which I am going to Upgrade soon . Here's a little secret , Stock isn't as good as OC on Ryzen don't listen to those idiots . Buy 240mm AIO for 50 bucks (I did) Get some good ram ( I didn't but yea thats my ram on the top of the Gskill list cuz I know how to overclock) You can hit 1960 CB R15 with this processor with a small AiO and plenty of case fans. Buy a man sized case so u can actually cool the parts u are going to purchase ...don't build a console ..thats stupid. If u don't want a dead platform the following year ...go Ryzen but understand You need to tighten your ram timings (ALL OF THEM) not just the first 4. This will increase the fps you get by miles. I don't need too as Ive topped all lists on AIO/Water /Air for this processor but I am going to get some better Ram some Samsung Bdie and Once I get a 4000 Series Ryzen NEXT year ... I'll see ya at the top of hwbot /this site and add more entries to the Aida64 baseline. Meanwhile U could go Intel , get 10 more frames a second ... that u likely can't afford a 240Hz monitor to experiance with LOL. Genius's

Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GB - Poor 12 months ago.
Memory Kits

— Not a good idea. CL 16 on 3200mhz ram is what I have currently ...thats likely Hynix CJR (or potentially even lower end) And they aren't very easy to Overclock for Ryzen in particular and regardless getting tight timings on them is an issue . Avoid anything 3200mhz that is above CL14

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