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— I ordered the 32 gig version. Should be here shortly. I will post benchmarks after testing the one I receive. Some have made negative comments about the Lexar Triton and lauded the SanDisk Extreme because of its 4K random write speed. But the jury appears still out on that one. It seems not everyone is attaining the 4K speeds of the sample reviewed here. Additionally, and customer comment sections are indicating a high rate of failure on the SanDisk Extreme. Finally, the Lexar Triton significantly outperforms the SanDisk Extreme in several areas: it nearly doubles the SanDisk's sequential write speed, triples its copy speed, and the Lexar has a 40% longer useful life expectancy. Surely it does not deserve a rating of "poor" as some have posted. That being said, I will probably (also) purchase a SanDisk Extreme in several months when they get these issues resolved. I will modify my rating on the Lexar after I do benchmarks.

6 years ago.

— I own one of these drives and according to my own benchmarks (CrystalDiskMark/AS SSD) the sequential write speed registers 36.69 MB/s and the copy speed is 18.10 MB/s. These are significantly better than the benchmarks on the particular drive you tested. However, in the USA, the Lexar S73 16 gig flash drive can be purchased for about $15.00 (just under 10 Pounds/11.4 Euro), so its cost is less than half the price of many of the others that out perform it. Although it is slow by USB 3.0 standards, it still benchmarks faster than any of the USB 2.0 drives that I own. So, is it fast? No. But considering its cost, it does represent a decent value.

6 years ago.

— No question this drive is fast. But that's not the complete story. Customer comments are pointing to a significant rate of failure -- both initially and after several weeks/months of use (you even see "follow-up" comments here about a minor freezing issue). On the 1 Star reviews out number the 5 Star reviews. Also, on there are numerous comments about failures. Additionally, if you examine the "comments" section (here), you will see that not everyone has been able to reproduce those stellar 4K read/write speeds and even the sample reviewed here was not able to repeat them on a different test. Currently, I decided to spend more and go with the Lexar Triton instead. However, when SanDisk gets these issues resolved, I plan to buy one. I will follow the customer comments for another few months before making a decision. I have had good luck with SanDisk in the past.

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