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— Absolutely love it as it consistently tests out at 111-112% with an orange latency but you can't blame this ram for that as if you look at the intel cpu running this ram (which it claimed on the box it was designed for) the latency is low and in the green its just a bug in the am4 motherboards that needs to be ironed out as if you look at other am4 with different ram lots of them will have higher orange latency as well. The only other stuff i could find cheaper at 3200 on newegg at the time was mushkin redline series and after reading a professional review and learned they used really cheap soc that their performance wasn't what it was expected to be i went for this brand and i got a feeling that may have been 1 of the bullets i dodged when making up this build. Update: I got 3200 up to 116% but as 3200 isnt stable on my motherboard i decided to start on a stable clock speed which at the moment is 3066 and i ended up getting it up to 113% but it's only semi stable (will pass benchmarks but messes up in pubg after a short time). I'll list my current timings for the semi stable 3036 speed that I ended up with but you will have to figure out which value(s) is hanging the kernel. command rate: 1T tCL: 15T tRCDRD: 15T tRCDWR: 15T tRP: 15T tRAS: 34T tRC: 70T tRCPAGE: AUTO OR 0 tRFC: 510T tWR: 22T tWTR_S: 3T tWTR_L: 9T tRRD_S: 4T tRRD_L: 7T rRTP: 12T tFAW: 30T tCWL: 14T tCKE: 1T tRDRDSC_L: 2T tRDRDSC: 1T tRDRDSD: 1T tRDRDDD: 1T tWRWRSC_L: 3T tWRWRSC: 1T tWRWRSD: 6T tWRWRDD: 1T tRDWR: 7T tWRRD: 1T Gear down mode - disabled Power Down enable - Auto Bankgroupswap - Enabled BankgroupswapAlt - Enabled ddr voltage 1.39 Hope this helps a few of you out or at least give you a good starting point as it can be optimized even further.

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— Can't obtain new driver because their software which is the only god damn software in the world cant detect my ssd drive. Product was always inconstant and slow and now after 2 months. It has dead moments like pre-ghz processor era where you click on the windows start button and nothing happens until the 20th click when it decides to just kick back in. Honestly would give this company a 0 if I could. Update: drive started performing a little better and kinda acts like how it did when I first placed it in my pc (random deep q still all over the place usually always lower than 35%. Their driver updater still doesn't detect my drive so unless microsoft provides future drivers this can never be updated. Customer service at PNY doesn't even respond to email and I'm not about to call them and wait for an operator. I guess PNY stands for Personally Neglecting You. Last product of theirs I'll ever buy and when I get a free moment of time will contact the bbb about their products and service but I got a feeling their bbb score is already fairly low.

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— Personally i love mine now it's just a waiting game for the prices to drop in gfx cards so i can finish my rebuild. I was able to get its real life performance faster than the avg i7 7700 and just a tad behind the avg 7700k in single thread and quad thread with a way bigger lead in multi core. Runs fast, runs smooth, games great and never notice any kind of lag or bogging down of any type.

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