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— Probably one of the best purchases to date. Runs like a dream even to today's standard.

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— Coming from a an i7 8700K user I can say the 2700X has got its own spotlight. I noticed there are some people really critisising the 2700x in the comments saying its really poor compared to the i7. I noticed for the i7 to predominantly close to the 2700x in gaming I have to run it at 4.8ghz or 5 where as the 2700x sits at 4 and in multitasking loads blender,zbrush, keyshot.. the Ryzen chip beats it. Comparing the 2700x to my friends 1800x I am getting up to 30 FPS more in Dota 2, Overwatch and SC2 which is a nice jump. I am using an 1070 ti. Though with my i7 in gaming its still champing it due to the IPC and crazy clocks, but toning the overclock down and keeping it at 4ghz I notice the lead has shortened between, but still knocks out 18 FPS more than the 2700x. So in all fairness I think AMD have done it right this time round with the refresh for £280. I would reconmend it if one was wanting to use there machine as a workstation and gaming rig. It is as snappy in windows like the i7 and if you are like my self I dont have crazy refresh rate monitor then the difference is almost negligable. I do think I will be selling my 8700K and keeping the 2700X, along with the matter of having to delid it and clean off the pigeon crap, intel had kindly put in place. So Id fully reconmend this product, even the 8700k. Both are good and can cope just fine (except with heat lol intel..) If you're not a intel nazi or benchmark junkie the ryzen is the way to go.

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— very good card

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— I have this CPU in my computer and it works great. the cores let me do so many things at once which is great.

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The Best.
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